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My spirit animal is Ellen DeGeneres. 

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26 Things Feminists Are Tired Of Hearing

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As girls, (people in general I suppose) we settle. We settle for a mediocre lifestyle,job,relationship etc. We think well this is good enough I supposed because we think we can’t do better in this world. Get the boy who who challenges you yet still respects you, be hirer up in the workplace,…

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If you’re trying to make someone not feel insecure about themselves, don’t say things like “But look at that girl, she’s fatter/uglier/hairier than you.” It doesn’t make people feel good about themselves because you’re doing what they’ve been doing all this time. Comparing themselves to others.

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Dear Naseem,

You and I are long overdue for a talk. We used to have these a little more regularly, but at those points we were on the same page. We believed the same things. We wanted the same things. Now, from my current standpoint and your future one, I want to tell you all the things you never knew, and never thought possible, because we’ve changed.

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